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We took  a brief hiatus to sort a few things out, but we’re back now…




Sidney Conservation Area

I took a mini hike around this wooded area on a fine winter day – it was beautiful.

The 52-acreconservation area is recognizable by the stately red pine plantation just inside the entrance. Mostly under natural vegetation, this conservation area is a colourful woodland during the spring and fall. Two small branches of Chrysal Creek cross this conservation area, which was home to a biological research station in the 1960s.

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The elevators

The grain elevators at the Port of Montreal are an important part of Canadian history that is closely linked with the Lachine Canal, the St. Lawrence Seaway and the industrial expansion of Canada.

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Lachine Canal

Located in Montreal, the Lachine Canal (Lachine Canal National Historic Site of Canada) runs 14.5 kilometres from the Old Port to Lake Saint-Louis.

The Lachine Canal is much more than just a route bypassing the rapids of the same name. The Lachine Canal’s history stretches over more than 150 years and takes several directions. It comes within the scope of the interdependence between shipping, industrialization and urbanization, which marked Montréal’s development.

The canal was the port of entry for a canal network that linked the Atlantic to the heart of the continent. The canal’s location near the port and the development of its hydraulic power potential in addition to the availability of inexpensive labour, sufficient capital and the closeness of markets favoured the establishment of highly diversified businesses along its banks.

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Look what I found

An odd title for a posting but an accurate one as this is about some interesting things that found while walking around on a cold and rather soggy day at walking about on the trails at the Quinte Conservation Area. The trails wind through a former farm, orchards, meadows and woodlands – a pretty area with a past.

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Not your average school bus

Cars, horses and motorcycles are not the only thing that they race in these here parts.


As long as it has wheels and can smash into things you just give it a snazzy paint job and cool name like Zeke, Maestro, Otto…

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My favourite things

A few of my favourite things, most of which I have slowly acquired after starting over from scratch, with nothing but the clothes on my back, three times over the past years.

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One of my fun things

Among my fun things we have this little helicopter that I fly while traipsing around the house when I am not outside traipsing around big helicopters, jets and air planes of all sorts and sizes.

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A new year thought

I’m not big on pithy and trite resolutions for the new year – nope, they are largely over emotional, and almost always soon discarded for one reason or another.

Instead, I will present three images that involve snow, a theme that is rather fitting as while I had a green and wet Christmas, the was plenty of snow for New Years eve and day.

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